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Welcome Canadians and those of you looking for your Favourite Food or Beverage from Canada. We are the Original CanadianFavourites.com. Now known as CanadianFoodToUsa.com, our online service was started by CANADIANS in 1999 after realizing so many of you out there like us couldn't find a favourite Canadian food item when away from home.


Warm Weather Shipping 

When your package's destination is over 68 degrees Fahrenheit, we advise that you select frozen gel-packs with Next Day Air. This is to ensure safety during shipping from chocolate melting. 5 frozen gel-packs($10.00), 3 frozen gel-packs($6.00).The frozen gel-packs will keep your product cool for up to 48 hours. In extreme hot weather conditions, we reserve the summer months (May, June, July, August and September or whenever temperatures exceed 68 degrees) to ship all of our packages that contain chocolate with frozen gel-packs. If you or your gift recipient is not present at the time of delivery and the damage occurs (including melting) as the result of a delay in claiming the package, CanadianFoodToUsa.com will not take responsibility. If you choose to ship without frozen gel-packs (which may include Ground shipping or Next Day Air) during anytime the temperatures exceed 68 degrees, we will not be accountable for any damaged/melted products any time of the year.

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  CanadianFoodToUsa.com, your online grocery store also offers HBC products and T-shirts as well as other Canadian brands like Tim Hortons, Old Dutch, Habitant, Vachon CakesSt. Hubert, Swiss Chalet and many more.


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More than 450 products and adding. Choose from Chocolate, Candy, Sauces, Tea, Coffee and more. If you don't see what your looking for, tell us - We will source it and get back to you. All products for orders are sourced daily so we can assure their freshness. 

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A transport truck full of Canadian Beer, Harvey's Hamburgers, Canadian Geese, Igloos, Tim Hortons Donuts, The Maple Leafs.

What we wish we could ship

A transport truck full of Canadian Beer.

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Every effort is taken to ensure that the ingredients and nutritional information listed on our website is accurate, however, this information may change from time to time.


Please note: The majority of UPS services continue with the same expected delivery times our customers have come to expect. While we have suspended our Service Guarantee in light of overall Coronavirus uncertainties, we remain committed to providing timely service.