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"Our Top 10 Canadian Potato Chips"

Discover our top 10 Canadian potato chips for the ultimate snacking satisfaction. Dive into the rich history and diverse flavours of this beloved Canadian snack!

You'll enjoy this bag of Ruffles All Dressed chips if you enjoy unique Canadian food (it was invented here after all). You're seeking something sweet AND salty AND savoury all in ONE bag and you love eating chips that will make your taste buds feel like they are going to explode.

We as Canadians know about great taste and we love our Lay's Ketchup chips! This irresistible combination of Lay's fresh taste and tangy tomato seasoning has become a Canadian taste tradition.

Lay's has taken the iconic Lay's potato chip and combined it with the iconic Ruffles All Dressed flavour to create the NEW Lay's All Dressed flavoured potato chips!

Bacon flavoured potato chip- BAM -amazing. Now add the flavour of sour cream and you've got something even better than amazing. Ruffles Sour Cream 'n Bacon potato chips. A flavour combination so epic you'll be speechless.

Old Dutch won Eat North's Canadian Best Ketchup Chip because of it’s outstanding flavour and crunch. Old Dutch proudly accepts this award on behalf of our great customers!

Deep fried cornmeal pieces sprinkled with cheddar cheese.

Miss Vickie's Sweet & Spicy Ketchup flavour kettle cooked potato chips are crafted to deliver a unique twist on the iconic Ketchup flavour. This flavour brings together the deliciousness of both Sweet and Spicy profiles to create an elevated consumption experience.

Thin cut, lightly seasoned, irresistible. Hickory Sticks Love 'em for the crunch… Love 'em for the munch… Love 'em for the taste! 

Miss Vickie's All Dressed Up kettle cooked potato chips are crafted with a unique blend of tangy vinegar, savoury spices and that signature Miss Vickie's crunch.

PC Loads of Ketchup are seasoned to the max for extreme snacking satisfaction, these delicious rippled chips are loaded with flavour and pack a mighty tasty crunch.

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