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Dare Bear Paws Birthday Cake Soft Cookies 168g

Dare Bear Paws Birthday Cake Soft Cookies 168g

SKU: CF252

Moist and chewy Bear Paws cookies made better with naturally coloured confetti and real yogourt coating - the perfect lunchbox snack for those special birthday occasions!

Made with real yogourt, No artificial colours or flavours, Peanut free, 0 g of trans fat per serving, No artificial sweeteners.

Contains wheat, soya, egg and milk, Baked in a peanut free facility.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, yogourt coating (sugar, modified palm kernel oil, skim milk powder, milk protein, Greek yogourt powder, natural flavour, soya lecithin, lactic acid, colour), sugar/glucose-fructose, vegetable oil shortening (contains modified palm and canola oil), liquid whole egg, corn starch, apple puree, salt, whey powder, vegetable glycerin, baking soda, natural flavour, colour, shellac, carnauba wax, ascorbic acid.

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