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Dare Marshmallow Bananas

Dare Marshmallow Bananas 170g

SKU: CF827

Delicious melt-in-your-mouth banana marshmallow goodness! The ultimate treat for when you are craving something sweet and satisfying. Overflowing with delicious flavour, these marshmallow candies are so snackable you’ll go bananas! Not too soft and not too firm, they are a uniquely chewy treat that is sure to become your favourite.


Ingredients: Sugar/glucose-fructose, Corn starch, Glycerin, Gelatin, Natural and artificial flavour, Tartrazine, Erythrosine

According to Health Canada, the most common food allergens are eggs, milk, mustard, peanuts, seafood (fish, crustaceans, shellfish), sesame, soy, sulfites, tree nuts, wheat. This product does not contain any of these common food allergens.

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