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Dare Wagon Wheels Original Cookies - 315g

Dare Wagon Wheels Original Cookies - 315g

SKU: CF260

Give them the taste you remember with the original marshmallow, chocolatey sandwich snack! The sweet taste of soft cookies, marshmallow, and chocolate combined into a perfect school snack that's portable and peanut-free!


Peanut free, Prepared in Quebec, Source of iron.


Baked in a peanut free facility, Contains wheat, soya and milk.



Chocolatey coating (sugar, hydrogenated modified palm kernel oil, cocoa, salt, sorbitan tristearate, soya lecithin, artificial flavour), wheat flour, glucose-fructose, sugar, modified palm oil, canola oil, whey powder, corn starch, fancy molasses, salt, gelatin, glycerin, baking soda, natural and artificial flavour, ammonium bicarbonate, potassium sorbate, soya lecithin, monocalcium phosphate.

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