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Mini-Wheats Strawberry Cereal 439g

Mini-Wheats Strawberry Cereal 439g

SKU: CF864

Help kick-start your big day with Kellogg's Special Edition Mini-Wheats Strawberry Flavour Cereal - a wholesome, very high fibre breakfast cereal, with a delightful layer of strawberry flavour frosting. These bite-size biscuits made in Canada pack a hearty crunch with 10 layers of whole grain wheat.


Ingredients: Whole grain wheat, Sugars (sugar, brown rice syrup), Whole grain whole wheat flour, Natural and artificial flavour, Gelatin, Vegetable oil, Citric acid, Red beet juice (for colour), Concentrated red radish juice (for colour), Paprika extract (for colour), Carotene, BHT.

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