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Nestle KitKat Drumstick Chocolate Bars

Nestle KitKat Drumstick Chocolate Bars

SKU: CF927

Enjoy the taste of a Drumstick without worrying about melting ice cream. Nestle KitKat Chunky Drumstick chocolate bar is a twist on the classic KitKat Chunky bar offering crispy wafers, with layers of caramel, vanilla filling, and waffle cone bits, all in a thick and Chunky milk chocolatey coating. 


Ingredients: Sugars (Sugar, Glucose, Sweetened Condensed Milk), Modified Milk Ingredients, Modified Palm, Palm, And Vegetable Oils, Cocoa Butter*, Unsweetened Chocolate*, Wheat Flour, Coconut Oil, Glycerol, Waffle Cone Pieces (Wheat Flour, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Soy Lecithin, Wheat Starch, Salt), Soy Lecithin, Cocoa*, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, Salt, Baking Soda, Yeast, Protease, Xylanase, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural And Artificial Flavour. *Rainforest Alliance Certified...May contain tree nuts.

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