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Vachon May West Original Sponge Cakes - 324g

Vachon May West Original Sponge Cakes - 324g

SKU: CF272

Vachon The Original May West is a white sponge cake filled with our incomparable creme and coated in a fine chocolatey layer.

6 Count


Ingredients: Sugar/Glucose-fructose,Enriched wheat flour,Vegetable oil (modified palm and modified palm kernel oils),Hydrogenated palm kernel oil,Liquid whole eggs,Cocoa,Glycerin,Water, Modified milk ingredients,Baking powder,Propylene glycol,Salt, Soy protein,Modified corn starch,Sorbitan monostearate,Potassium sorbate,Polysorbate 60,Guar gum,Corn starch,Xanthan gum,Cellulose gum,Sorbic acid,Sodium bisulphate,Sodium acid pyrophosphate,Soy lecithin,Mono and diglycerides,Amylase, Lipase,Artificial flavour,Colour.May contain peanuts and/or nuts.

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